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KJV Words: Then and Now

KJV Has Not Changed? A common argument from the KJV Onlyists is that that the KJV is as easy as or easier to read than any other modern version. They discard any claims that the meaning of words have changed … Continue reading

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What the KJV translators did not quote

It is curious… that the translators of the KJV 1611 Bible did not quote one of the most famous (or infamous) verses that the KJV Onlyists use. There appears to be no evidence that the translators thought the verse in contention … Continue reading

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Layman’s Commentary

Recommendation I have been reading through the book “The Story”. I recommend it. Consider it a layman survey of the Bible. Caution However, there are a couple of cautions to mention: 1. It is NOT the Bible. You should not … Continue reading

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True Words of God, or Not?

What happened in the meantime? One of the arguments in favor of KJV being the only Bible used is expressed in the personal testimony of Will Kinney. I began to read several books on the Bible version issue and studied … Continue reading

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Bishops Bible Only Tract

Imagine 1625 Just imagine that it is the Year of Our Lord, 1625. Here is an imaginary tract from someone that thinks just like the King James Onlyists, except they believe that the Bible that has been, the Bishops Bible, … Continue reading

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Fun in Middle English

Just for the fun of it… KJV onlyists ’tis a term us’d to describe the group who promote the KJV as the only word of God, to the exclusion of all other translations, and openly attack those who lay-to any … Continue reading

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