Layman’s Commentary


I have been reading through the book “The Story”. I recommend it. Consider it a layman survey of the Bible.


However, there are a couple of cautions to mention:

1. It is NOT the Bible. You should not consider this a substitute for studying the Word of God given to us in the 66 books we collectively know as the Bible.

2. Though the authors do quote directly and extensively from a translation, they skip sections of the scripture and rearrange parts in an attempt to improve the flow and overall story. (That is His Story).

3. If you have an electric version of the NIV with search capability, it would be a good practice to look up the section of scripture your are reading in this work and read the verses that are not being included.


You may want to ask, why did the authors not include this? Better still, for some of the verses, why did the authors only include a part of a verse, especially when it appears that it truncates a sentence?


These suggestions can and will deepen your understanding of God, His Word, and your relationships with Him.

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