Special Thanks

There are many to thank. But, two in particular brought me to these writings.

First, my nephew, Norman Bromley. He has challenged me with various fundamental Christian statements and questions. He has always been very respectful. There are days where we sat and talked about Biblical questions. Often, on a Wednesday night at my mother-in-law (his grandmother) house. Other, times in response to a posting on Face Book or an email he would send.

He will listen quietly to all I have to say. Then he thinks about what has been discussed. And, often he will follow that with a thought provoking question. Sometimes, the question will not appear right away, but take a few days or more.

Second, is a women I only know as Princess Bluefire. She “friend-ed” me on Face Book while I was challenging the street preacher known as James Lyman. Her active vegan postings have challenged me to look at the Bible in ways I never have before. Her Face Book about page caught my attention:

If you are a professed Christian, I guarantee you will hate me, proving you a fraud. If you are an atheist, your intolerance toward me will prove you a fraud as well 😉

Want to debate me? Pull out your Sword and let’s fight. I could use a little intellectual warm-up exercise 😉

Don’t waste your time trying to figure me out- you won’t.

In this world…we can no longer distinguish love from hate and nobody really knows who is who…WHY? Because people are spiritually dead inside.

Am not here to win friends, but to kick ass with The Truth. If you’re a spiritual moron and the only thing you know about God is your memorized bible verses and parroted pre-made sermons please don’t send me a friend request. If you want to add me to your friend’s list, it is at your own risk.


Her request that we (I) not send a friend request if I have “memorized bible verses” and parrot “pre-made sermons”  was a challenge that I could embrace. It has always bothered me when someone just throws out a verse or quote that they have heard or read but never really thought about. To me this was much like the people of Berea.

These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.

Acts 17:11 NKJV

I have asked those that read what I write, or hear what I preach to follow this example. It is better for you the reader to prove out what is said. Do not believe it blindly. If I am wrong, you can help correct the error. If I am right, you will have more firmly added the truth to your own self.

This is what I have heard Princess Bluefire challenge me with. This appeared to be an easy task for me, since I am already attempting to practice this.

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