KJV2 Information

King James Version 2.0, New Testament
Copyright 2014 – All Rights Reserved
Translated by Keith L Terrill

The first method of translation is to read the KJV 1769 text. All spelling corrections are made to bring the words upto date. If the words are of archaic or unused English they are converted to the corresponding modern usage.

For example:
The word “seeth” is changed to “seeing” in John 1:29
The word “saith” is changed to “said” in John 1:29

The word “hitherto” is changed to “until now” in John 5:17

The second method of translation is to read the Textus Receptus Greek (TR). Transliterate each Greek word in order. Examine the Greek against the authorities of Strong’s Greek Dictionary and Thayer’s Greek Definitions. Also, Scripture 4 All’s Greek Interlinear Bible, also based on the TR has been consulted. Lastly, the considered translation is created from the interpretation of the TR and consultation of the KJV text.

Because of the controversy over KJV translations verses other translations often centering on the use of other Manuscripts the KJV2 has purposed to ignore all other Greek sources. Thus, the KJV2 can truly say it is based on the KJV 1769 and the TR.

All of this is done with a mind towards God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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